Dutch Supplier Enters Maltese Bunker Market

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday October 23, 2019

Dutch bunker supplier Orim Energy has set up shop in Malta.

The spur for the move came from a term contract to supply IMO2020 grade fuel oil in the Mediterranean port, according to price reporting agency Argus Media.

Orim Energy managing director Edwin Coppens is reported as saying that there is more than adequate supply for low sulfur fuel oil in the Maltese bunker market.

But the executive added that he expects demand to pick up from the second half of next month as more shipowners switch to IMO2020-compliant fuel.

While bunker fuel is imported into Malta, its central location in the Mediterranean region makes it an important supply point for shipping traffic.

Annual bunker sales in the port are between around 1.5-2 million metric tonnes.

The island's bunkering sector has 17 bunker barges, according to the Malta Maritime Forum.