Sweden Plans Hydrogen Powered Ro-Pax Service by 2030

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday December 27, 2021

Rederi AB Gotland is developing what it expects to be Sweden's first large-scale hydrogen-powered Ro-Pax vessel.

The so-called Gotland Horizon project envisages the emissions-free vessel being ordered as early as 2025 and entering service to and from the Swedish island of Gotland by 2030.

It will be able to carry 1900 passengers, and 600 cars or 100 trucks.

Swedish ferry-line Destination Gotland and Gotland Tech Development are also parters in the project.

Rederi plans to use a combination of gas and steam turbines in a design that can handle other fossil-free fuels in addition to hydrogen.

As a non-carbon-based energy carrier, hydrogen is seen as one of the leading candidates to play a key part in the marine fuels mix of the future, but development of hydrogen-fuelled vessels and the associated bunkering infrastructure is currently in its infancy.

"When CO2 emissions are priced for shipping, and new requirements and regulations come into place, it will become increasingly expensive to run on fossil fuels," says Marcus Risberg, CEO of Destination Gotland.

"An important development to bring about climate change. It therefore feels very good that we can be involved in leading the change, and enable a fossil-free crossing for all Gotland travelers."