Norwegian Ferry Operator Upgrades Coastal Fleet

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday March 15, 2022

Nowegian ferry and cruise operator Hurtigruten is to buff up its domestic ferry fleet with an improved technological and environmental performance.

Upgrades on the company's seven coastal ships include lower carbon dioxide emissions (down by 25%) and nitrous oxide emissions (down by 80%), cruise sector news provider Cruise Industry News reports.

The environmental gains will be achieved through a mixture of cold ironing and the use of biofuel, according to the report.

Hurtigruten runs a ferry and postal service connecting communities along Norway's extensive coastline.

Next year the Norwegian Coastal Express reaches 130 years of operation and, along with the upgraded hybrid ships, the company is planning a range of celebratory activities for passengers.

Hurtigruten also offers small-scale bespoke cruise itineries on its purpose-built cruise ships.