July, 2017
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This malpractice could be instigated by the corrupt crew of a vessel or even the barge who may take its chances and ask the Captain, "have you got any spare fuel onboard?"
Tricks of the Bunker Trade: The Buy Back
May, 2017
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Petro Inspect surveyors have seen barge setups where it would be possible to syphon bunkers back into the bunker barge after they have passed through the mass flow meter.
Mass Flow Meter Malpractice? This is What We've Seen in Singapore and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself [Pictures]
April, 2017
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It's a known issue with most ore cargoes; the key issue is whether the solid bulk cargo that is to be loaded is liable to liquefaction.
The Stellar Daisy Loss: Understanding Cargo Liquefaction Risks
January, 2016
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Petro Inspect discusses the importance of sludge discharge / disposal surveys - are the ship owners being paid fairly?
Why You Might Be Losing Millions on Sludge Disposal, and How You Can Prevent It
July, 2015
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Does that even happen? Unfortunately, the answer is "yes."
Tricks of the Bunker Trade: What Happens When Your Bunker Surveyor is Asked to Bend the Rules?
May, 2015
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Disputes arising over bunker quantity "after" delivery calls for shipboard personnel, and a surveyor present who is experienced in dealing with disputes.
Tricks of the Bunker Trade: A Guide to Dealing With Post Bunker Disputes
November, 2014
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Had this malpractice not been detected the client would have had a monetary loss of at least $36,000.
Tricks of the Bunker Trade: Singapore Cappuccino Bunker Incident Report [Pictures]
August, 2014
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Further images to help with the identification of Cappuccino Bunkers.
Tricks of the Bunker Trade: Identifying Cappuccino Bunkers [Pictures]
Cappuccino bunkers remain one of the most common and widely used 'mal-practices' in the bunkering industry to-date.
Tricks of the Bunker Trade: Cappuccino Bunkers, an Illustrated Guide to Loss Prevention
January, 2014
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Steps you should take to prevent receiving aerated bunkers that hide a short delivery.
Tricks of the Bunker Trade: Precautions against Cappuccino Bunkers