How Does a Bunker Saving Air Lubrication System Work? [VIDEO]

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday February 7, 2017

Silverstream have released a new animation demonstrating the workings of its air lubrication technology.

"Ship owners have much to focus on amidst the current backdrop of increasing competition and more stringent environmental regulation, especially in light of the recent IMO decision on the implementation of the global ECA. For most vessel owners and operators, increasing operational and environmental efficiency and reducing fuel bills plays a crucial role in alleviating these challenges," says Silverstream.

"Given the public-facing, higher-profile nature of cruise lines in particular – and the fact that they operate in busy port environments subject to green legislation - operators need to be able to trust the improvement benefits that manufacturers claim their technologies can deliver."

Silverstream says the cruise industry, in particular, has been behind a "tremendous uptake" of its air lubrication technology, with sea trials said to show confirmed consistent net efficiency savings in excess of 4 percent and up to 8 percent for larger vessels.

"Leveraging any solution that can reduce fuel consumption is critical to maintaining profitability and continuity, and credible clean technology is one of the best ways to deliver this," the company said.

"Silverstream employed a meticulous approach to the process of bringing its Silverstream System to market, and as a result has successfully developed a blueprint to drive the uptake of clean technology in a sceptical industry."