Construction of Netherlands' First Bio-LNG Plant Underway

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday November 27, 2020

Construction has begun of what is set to be Netherlands' first bio-LNG plant.

The facility, being developed in Amsterdam Westpoort, is a collaboration between Renewi, Nordsol and Shell.

"Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands, such as expired products, processes this waste and converts it into biogas during its fermentation. The Nordsol installation then processes this biogas into bio-LNG. Finally, Shell sells this bio-LNG at its LNG filling stations," the project partners explained.

Production of bio-LNG is seen as a critical step for the wider uptake of LNG bunkers. Unlike traditional fossil fuel LNG, bio-LNG is made from organic waste enabling it to have a lower CO2 footprint.

Nordsol says that the installation is expected to be operational within a year and will produce 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG per year.

For context, in the third quarter of 2020 bunker demand at Rotterdam hit 48,623 m3.