IMO 2020: Bunker Buyers Seen Favouring Branded Fuels

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday October 5, 2018

With growing concern over the quality and compatibility of IMO 2020 compliant VLSFO fuels, bunker buyers will increasing look to lift branded fuels.

That was the view of several delegates who spoke to Ship & Bunker on the sidelines of SIBCON this week, including ExxonMobil’s Luca Volta, Marine Fuels Venture Manager.

“I think they will, because the brand has a promise,” he said.

ExxonMobil has put a significant emphasis on bunker quality this week, not least of which was its announcement that all its VLSFOs will have global cross-comparability no matter where in the world they are lifted.

But because the make up of the the VLSFO fuels is likely to be very different not only between the different suppliers, but also from the same suppliers, compatibility is set to be of increasing importance in the coming years.

Speakers also joined delegates in agreeing that the recent “bad bunker” problems in Houston, Panama, and Singapore have been a wake up call for the industry as to the importance of bunker quality.