Alfa Laval Launches New Product Targeting Methane Slip From Gas-Powered Ships

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday November 18, 2020

Engineering company Alfa Laval has launched a new product seeking to reduce methane slip from gas-powered ships, the company said Wednesday.

The company's new PureCool solution, developed with engine firm WinGD, recirculates exhaust gas at low pressure to reduce methane slip, Alfa Laval said in an emailed statement.

Methane slip is a major roadblock to the progress of LNG as an alternative bunker fuel, as the small quantities of natural gas released during LNG bunkering have a huge impact on its overall claim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

"When combusted, LNG releases less CO2 than other fossil fuels," Søren Hjorth Krarup, a business unit president at Alfa Laval, said in the statement.

"However, methane has a higher global warming potential than CO2, which makes the unburned fraction a concern.

"Regulations may or may not appear, but methane slip must be addressed if we are to reach a 50% reduction in marine greenhouse gas emissions by 2050."