IMO 2020 World Cup

by Nautical Supply International Limited (NSI)
Monday June 18, 2018

With the FIFA World Cup upon us I thought we would take the opportunity to present a world cup themed IMO2020 update looking at the participating countries,

It has become clear that we all need to get involved in more pre-tournament training to get a result, the IMO have made it clear there will be no extra-time but there will certainly be penalties for those that choose not to comply.

We hope to present some high level information on 2020 preparations, for more pre-match in depth analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition please have a look at our comprehensive planning tool We would be delighted to give you a demonstration and get you match fit for the big game. The 2020 planning site gives information on a port by port basis of the fuels currently available, infrastructure and the planned availability of fuels. Closer to 2020 the specifications of fuels will be added. We are also working on an alert system which will go live over the next few weeks.

Register now for a free trial for the duration of the World Cup and if your country wins the world cup you will be entered in a draw to receive commission free brokerage services on your next 5 stems. If England wins we will not only have a heart attack but we will organise an NSI world cup party to celebrate in London and you are all invited!

Group A

  • Russia - The host nation has good infrastructure at key ports in terms of flexible shore storage and blending capabilities coupled with good access to barges and loading berths. 0.5% blends currently available at some Baltic ports.
  • Saudi Arabia - Despite recent fuel oil tightness Jeddah suppliers are planning good availability of mainly distillate based options for 2020 compliance.
  • Egypt - Possible new foreign suppliers will be competing with the national incumbents in the Suez Canal ports providing a full range of compliance options.
  • Uruguay - Montevideo has great access to low sulphur products and low sulphur fuel oils are often already available, relatively little blending is required to meet the new spec.

Group B

  • Portugal - Like the national team the bunker market relies on one star player here. With a growing bunker only market competing with Gibraltar, this location looks like it will provide tough opposition and some different tactical options.
  • Spain - No such chaos like the Spanish football association sacking the manager on the eve of the big day. Spain has several key ports that have been planning and preparing for years. Good strength in depth with options in every position.
  • Morocco - A tough group of local competitors. Will rely heavily on imported products like dual nationality players, adopting a wait and see attitude.
  • Iran - Could be a surprise package. With good volumes of high quality fuel oil, Iran could provide ample blend material, but be careful to play within the rules and not risk a red card.

Group C

  • France - Like a French restaurant waiter the quality of the product provided looks to be good although the delivery of the product may be subject to a little Gallic shrug of indifference and the odd port strike along the way.
  • Australia - "no worries Bruce" an Australian said while discussing the 2020 dilemma at a BBQ. Looks like most ports will provide distillate based solutions.
  • Peru - Paddington's ancestral home has a number of ports that are planning to be able to provide a number of different compliance options.
  • Denmark - Expect strong compliance in Denmark with a tough enforcement policy, talk of the use of drones for monitoring compliance and a 'sniffer' reportedly fitted on the Oresund Bridge in Copenhagen.

Group D

  • Argentina - Like Diego Maradona's "hand of god" tipping the ball over the line Argentina looks to have lots of product that will need just a little help to get it over the 0.5% line.
  • Iceland - Not the biggest bunker markets, but an awesome place to visit and they have some great chants.
  • Croatia - As we see increasing demand at the port of Dubrovnik the local suppliers have indicated a willingness to consider options other than distillate if market demand can justify it.
  • Nigeria - Offshore West Africa continues to be one of the best volume growth areas in the market. With relatively cheap floating storage available this is an area that should be able to provide a full range of compliant fuels, albeit imported from a variety of locations.

Group E

  • Brazil - The 'Ginga' style of play is about the beauty of the game, finding ingenious ways of moving the ball not always the most direct route to goal - a little like the Brazilian bunker market - the direct route is not always feasible but the goal is normally achieved.
  • Switzerland - We can arrange gasoil on Lake Geneva for those of you lucky enough to have your yachts based there.
  • Costa Rica - Drew 0-0 with England in the 2014 world cup to knock England out in the group stage.
  • Serbia - Although landlocked it is possible to get compliant diesel on the Rivers from a company called NIS. Nearly a great name for a bunkering company!

Group F

  • Germany - With the ruthless efficiency of a 5 series BMW charging down the autobahn, the German bunker market will provide a number of high quality, efficient, on spec options… but maybe worth questioning any exhaust emission monitoring equipment you may source there.
  • Mexico - Our Mexico based suppliers are waiting for more information from Shipowners detailing what they want before they make firm commitments to supply.
  • Sweden - Multiple options for compliance with LNG appearing as an option on a small scale at some ports. Don't expect HSFO to be an option. Happy to discuss further with our Swedish friends over Fika.
  • South Korea - Strong bunker markets with lots of options, key suppliers are planning to offer the full range of compliant fuels and some will continue to offer HSFO pending confirmation of adequate demand.

Group G

  • Belgium - The ports of Antwerp and Flushing will provide a multitude of compliance options as a bunker hub with products available from many different locations.
  • Panama - Expecting HSFO in addition to compliant fuel to be available to support container and cruise traffic with scrubbers fitted.
  • Tunisia - Great beaches and just a short flight from mainland Europe, unfortunately the bunker market suffers from tough competition from nearby Malta and Gibraltar. Marine gasoil appears to be the compliant fuel that will be available.
  • England - Oh the eternal disappointment, well at least we have no expectations this time around. Please form an orderly queue, don't complain or get excited, fish and chips, cup of tea etc etc. There will be compliant options at key ports but like the football team not sure how competitive they will be compared to the continental competition.

Group H

  • Poland - The local Polish markets are planning to provide 0.5% blends and an ECA compliant DMA at key ports in Poland.
  • Senegal - Dakar remains a good location for bunkering in Africa with suppliers still considering what compliant options will be offered in 2020.
  • Colombia -Rene Higiuita, the scorpion kick, the crazy defending. Lots of opportunity for growth and stability in the Colombian bunker market - unclear what the compliant options will be yet.
  • Japan - A high level of compliance inspections and predominantly clean fuels are expected to be seen in Japan. Some small scale LNG supply options are being developed.