Ferry's Bunker Saving Solar System Recognised With Energy Efficiency Award

Monday January 11, 2016

The use of a bunker saving solar energy system aboard the Greek ferry Blue Star Delos, owned and operated by Attica Group subsidiary Blue Star Maritime S.A. (Blue Star Ferries), has helped its owner to a Silver Award at the Energy Mastering Awards 2015 event under the category of Energy Efficiency Management - Means of Public Transport, the company has announced.

Blue Star Ferries says the award was received for the company's Blue Star Ferries Innovative Renewable Energy Sources plan, which it has developed alongside Japan's Eco Marine Power (EMP) and Kei System.

"Βlue Star Ferries is extremely proud of this innovative plan, which is the first to be executed aboard a ship and actually opens the path for the further development of renewable energy sources in shipping," said the company.

As Ship & Bunker reported at the project's outset in October 2014, the bunker saving system represents the first commercial use EMP's Aquarius MAS system.

Blue Star Ferries says that the program's pilot application has shown "very promising" results, adding that it is looking to further upgrade the system and the prospect of its expansion onto other Attica Group vessels.

"The Group aims at utilising the benefits of this particular technology, such as zero pollution, noiseless operation and low maintenance cost," said Blue Star Ferries, adding that energy provided as a result of the technology will be used for other ship needs, reducing electricity generator use, thereby lowering fuel consumption and air pollutant emissions.

In October, EMP announced that it has been granted a patent in Japan related to its Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) System, a wind & solar power propulsion solution for ships.