VIDEO: Sotiris Meklis on the year ahead for Chevron Marine Lubricants

by Chevron Marine Products
Friday March 1, 2024

In this video podcast, Matthew Kenney is joined by Sotiris Meklis, Regional Manager, Chevron Marine Lubricants, to look at the year ahead and discuss how Chevron is leveraging its strengths and supply capabilities to support customers as the industry evolves.

"Our key message is 'solutions for your journey'. What that means in practice is that we are trying to understand what our customers need so that we can help find solutions for them. Their biggest challenge today is to reduce their emissions so for us we need to have the right lubricants available that comply with the right type of fuel," says Sotiris.

Watch the podcast to find out more about how Chevron strives to support customers on their journey towards a lower carbon future by delivering high quality marine lubricants that can help them operate more efficiently and maintain the condition of their engines, whatever their choice of fuel.

Sotiris describes Chevron's extensive chemistry and formulating expertise and state-of-the-art in-house test bench and engine laboratory resources. These capabilities are backed up by a global network of highly trained technical service teams who work closely with industry stakeholders.