Bunker Industry Salary Survey Launched

by Imperium Commodity Search and Ship & Bunker
Wednesday December 8, 2021

Ship & Bunker has joined forces with bunker industry recruitment specialists Imperium Commodity Search (ICS) to conduct our inaugural Bunker Industry Salary Survey.

After the initial woes of 2020 and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 has proven to be a positive year for jobseekers in the bunker industry.

Indeed, as Ship & Bunker reported on a number of occasions through this year the job market within the industry has remained buoyant throughout, with 2021 described as a "candidate's market" for Maritime Jobs overall.

But this also comes against a backdrop of consolidation and structural change within many organizations, as firms come to grips with the dual realities of post-IMO 2020 era markets, and conducting business with travel restrictions and pandemic-induced work-from-home requirements.

To help better understand how this has impacted not only salaries within the industry, but also sentiment on other factors such as job security and work-life balance, all bunker industry participants in front office positions (Traders, Sales, Brokers, etc) are invited to complete a brief survey that can be found here: shipandbunker.com/salarysurvey

The survey will take around 2 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous - we do not ask for any names, email addresses, or contact numbers at any point.

Aggregated results will be shared with the industry early in the New Year.