TOTAL Marine Fuels to Rebrand as it Moves to Offer a Full Range of Compliant Bunker Fuels

Thursday January 12, 2017

TOTAL Marine Fuels this year will rebrand as it moves to underline its offering of a full spectrum of current and future bunker fuels, Managing Director Olivier Jouny has told Ship & Bunker.

"From 2017 TOTAL Marine Fuels will become 'TOTAL Marine Fuels Global Solutions'," he says.

With the bunker industry facing unprecedented challenges in the coming years, Jouny says that, in particular, the upcoming 0.50 percent global sulfur cap for marine fuel from 2020 means a significant change for both bunker buyers and suppliers.

"We need to evolve and adapt to our customers' needs. There are multiple solutions, multiple constraints, and these will get more complex as we move beyond 2020," he says.

"Everyone wants clarity on what the best solutions will be, but today there is no consensus, only that buyers want reliable access to the least expensive energy so they can remain competitive."

To that end, Jouny says from 2020 ships will use a mix of HFO + scrubbers, LNG bunkers, and 0.50 percent sulfur and 0.10 percent sulfur compliant fuels.

"TOTAL wants to launch a global solution and be in a position to offer all three," he says.

Today, TOTAL is of course already a well known traditional bunker supplier, and speaking to Ship & Bunker last month, Jouny confirmed the company's ambition in the LNG bunker market with a target of ten percent market share in 2025.

For its offering of inherently compliant fuels, in addition to low sulfur distillates, Jouny confirmed that TOTAL intends to offer a 0.50 percent sulfur fuel oil product.

"We see this as an opportunity to address the challenges of our customers. We want to provide them with a deeply customer oriented service to find the right solution for them," Jouny concluded.