New Software Launched to Digitalise Delivery Paperwork for the Bunkering Industry

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday October 20, 2016

U.S. and Canada-based Vortex Development Group (Vortex) today announced it is ready to formally launch its Digital Bunker framework, a suite of tools aimed at digitising delivery paperwork in the bunkering industry.

Vortex says it has been developing the software, initially for use with Apple brand tablets and smart phones, to help the bunker industry move away from using paper, pens, and calculators.

The E-Ship Safety, E-Stem, and E-BDN modules will be publicly showcased for the first time next month at the IBIA Annual Convention in Gibraltar.

"Never before in our industry has it been possible to achieve this level of accuracy and speed," says Marc Gawthrop, a 35-year bunker industry veteran and co-founder of the Vortex team.

"We want to set a new electronic standard for the industry."

Vortex says its first offering, E-Ship Safety, is an electronic ISGOTT-compliant, pre-bunkering checklist for use in ports around the world.

It captures GPS-tagged ship stamp photos, signatures, and answers to 23 ISGOTT delivery safety questions.

E-BDN, scheduled to be released in 2017, is an electronic version of bunker delivery notes that incorporates automatic API 2004 volumetric and density calculations.

"This also replaces 1980 API Tables 6B and 54B for a more accurate determination of delivered quantity," says software designer and Vortex co-founder Jeff Mildner.

E-Stem, scheduled to be released early next year, complements E-Ship Safety and replaces the multi-step process of nomination and order confirmation, allowing all pertinent data to flow through to E-Ship Safety, E-BDN, and invoice.

"By capturing information electronically, it can be passed automatically across all required forms starting with the initial enquiry through to raising an invoice," Mildner told Ship & Bunker.

"Put simply, you do not have to enter the same piece of information twice no matter how many forms you have to complete, which means workload is dramatically reduced, as is the opportunity for human error."

Digital Bunker is now available to download for free from Apple's App Store here:

"This makes the common basic pre-delivery function electronic for the very first time. Vessels, physical suppliers, surveyors, port authorities, and customers can now receive PDF's and real-time data from the ship's rail," says Mildner.

"After installing Digital Bunker from the App Store, users may click the green 'Lets Go!' button to start the E-Ship Safety form. Digital Bunker automatically 'syncs' ensuring users always have the latest edition of Vortex forms.

Vortex says Digital Bunker will be available on Google Play for use on Android devices soon.

Those interested in learning more about Digital Bunker can reach Jeff Mildner by email at or by phone at +1 360 303 3503.