BWMT Specialists Diversity with Shore Power Offering

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday August 30, 2022

Greece-headquartered ballast water treatment (BWMT) specialists Erma First have diversified their offering with the launch of a shore power system, Blue Connect.

Like all such systems, also known as Alternate Marine Power (AMP) or Cold Ironing, it enables a vessel to be connected to the shore-side electrical grid while at berth, meaning the vessel can switch off its diesel power generators and reduce at-berth emissions directly attributable to the ship.

Erma First currently offers standard Blue Connect models for RoRo/RoPax, Passenger Ferries, Containers and Tankers, while Custom-made Blue Connect systems are available upon request.

The system includes a power transformer, which transforms high to low voltage, as well as the required switchgear to protect crew and equipment.

Its operation controller supports shore-to-vessel synchronisation to avoid black out upon connection. The system can also be integrated to a vessel's AMS or/and PMS.

Shore power systems have long been available to the industry, and while in 2015 it was written off by some as a "last-generation solution at most major ports" interest in the technology has only grown.

With marine shipping now seriously looking at all options to reduce emissions, Erma First's launch of Blue Connect highlights demand for shore power systems can be expected to continue for many years to come.

"The installation and use of Blue Connect will contribute to the global shipping industry's decarbonisation goals, including the European Union's Fit for 55 plan, the United States' CARB Regulations and the International Maritime Organization's carbon reduction measures," the firm in a press release today.