BIMCO and Shipdex Ink Agreement to Support Digitalisation of Data

Friday July 14, 2017

BIMCO today announced that the organisation has signed an agreement with Shipdex to include BIMCO as an executive member of Shipdex steering committee and to support the development and exchange of technical and logistic data across the shipping community.

"This new venture will be of great benefit to our members and will complement BIMCO's exciting portfolio of products and services," said Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General at BIMCO.

"Shipdex fits neatly with our objective to help ease the administrative burdens for ships and masters. Shipowners will be able to reduce time, administration and costs as this new system is quicker and easier to use, with zero disruption to the ship at sea."

BIMCO notes that the Shipdex Protocol has been designed for shipowners, shipyards, manufacturers, classification societies, and application service providers, using a common source database to store, retrieve, publish, and exchange technical and logistic data across the shipping industry.

Instruction manuals, maintenance plans and spare parts catalogues can also be shared between any company or organisation in a "neutral" and standardised format.

"We welcome BIMCO as an Executive Member of the Shipdex Protocol, as we work with the shipping industry to exchange electronic technical data between all parties, in a safe, reliable and effective way. We are convinced that Shipdex Protocol is the best candidate to became the universal standard for the exchange of technical data," said Shipdex Chairman, Giancarlo Coletta.

"Securing the support of the final user is the next step ahead for the diffusion of real electronic documentation, when this happens the industry will save money, time, paper and space because Shipdex Protocol has all the necessary features to became the universal standard for shipping industry."

In June, Ship & Bunker reported that Anastasios Papagiannopoulos, CEO of Common Progress, had been elected as President of the international shipping association, setting out three themes for his two-year presidential term, including the promotion of digitalisation across the shipping industry.