Wilhelmsen, Hitachi Partner on IMO2020 Compliance Testing Equipment

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday February 12, 2019

Wilhelmsen today said it has partnered with Hitachi High-Tech to deliver the latest offering of XRF spectrometers to the marine market in a bid to aid compliance testing of the upcoming IMO2020 global 0.50% sulfur cap on marine fuel.

"The ability to perform lab-quality testing in seconds, will soon become an operational necessity for crews, and authorities, alike," says Wilhelmsen.

XRF spectrometers provide practically instantaneous, near-lab quality results, which could be useful for both Port State Control (PSC) authorities looking to enforce the new rules and crews to perform on-board testing instead of relying on BDNs or waiting for sample results to be returned from the lab.
"Crews will be able to eliminate the risk of accidental non-compliance. As vessels approach Emission Control Areas (ECAs), with a lower 0.1%, permissible sulphur content limit, the engine room can immediately and accurately test the Sulphur content of the fuel flowing to the engines after changeover and ensure it is compliant," says Jonas Östlund, Product Marketing Manager, Oil and Water, Marine Products Wilhelmsen Ships Service.

Wilhelmsen says the handheld units are also more practical than other proposed enforcement technologies, such as sniffers and drones that can be impacted by weather issues.

Wilhelmsen are not alone is seeing XRF spectrometers as a good fit for IMO2020, with Parker Kittiwake and ExxonMobil among others who offer the technology.