IBIA to Draft "Guide to Good Practice for Bunker Suppliers"

Tuesday February 21, 2017

Robin Meech, Chairman for the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), speaking at the association's annual dinner on Monday, said IBIA is in a new era, with a growing membership, a new strategy, and new management.

Meech says a key activity that IBIA will undertake this year will be the drafting of a "guide to good practice for bunker suppliers" - a task that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has called on the industry to take a lead on.

Meech also highlighted the importance of training and modern technology, such as mass flow metering systems, in order to enhance professionalism and raise industry standards.

IBIA says it has been working to develop a stronger presence at IMO, becoming increasingly active and contributing to the debate about implementing the 0.50 percent sulphur limit in 2020.

"IBIA will continue these efforts, in collaboration with other industry association and inviting input from its members via IBIA’s working groups," stated the association.

During his address, Meech thanked two outgoing board members, John Stirling of World Fuel Services, and Steve Simms of Simms Showers LLP, for their services to IBIA, and welcomed newly elected board members.

Meech also presented IBIA's former CEO, Captain Peter Hall, with a gift in recognition for work Hall had undertaken for IBIA over the previous four years.

“IBIA’s strategy is to continue to attract members from every part of the globe and the bunker value chain; to work with members to enhance the reputation of the bunker industry; and to lobby effectively, to be your voice, with all of our key stakeholders,” said IBIA’s new Chief Executive, Justin Murphy.

As Ship & Bunker has reported, Murphy was appointed as IBIA's new CEO, effective February 13, 2017, replacing Hall who stepped down from the position in order to to retire.