Princess Cruises Takes on Silverstream Air Lubrication Systems for Two Ships

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday November 11, 2022

Cruise line Princess Cruises is set to receive air lubrication systems from Silverstream Technologies on two of its ships.

Bluestone Group has been awarded the contract by Princess Cruises to fit the systems to the Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess, it said in an emailed statement on Friday. The order follows the installation on board the Regal Princess, and the new installations are scheduled for the first half of next year.

Princess Cruises is one of the Carnival Corporation brands. Earlier this month Carnival said it was planning on rolling out air lubrication technology across the majority of its fleet.

The systems save ships 5-10% in fuel bills by allowing the ship to ride on a bubble of air, reducing the friction between the hull and the surrounding water. The fuel saving also cuts emissions, a key consideration ahead of upcoming GHG regulations for the shipping industry.

The systems have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. Earlier this year Silverstream CEO Noah Silberschmidt told Ship & Bunker the company had passed £100 million in total order intake.

"We are proud to have been selected for additional installations of ALS and to support Princess Cruises in its long-term sustainability and decarbonization goals," Giuseppe Costa, CEO of Bluestone Group, said in the statement.

"Silverstream Technologies is the market leader in hull air lubrication and its system is being adopted by many leading shipowners on various types of vessels, a compelling indication of its effectiveness in reducing fuel consumption and emissions."