European Firms Plan Green Hydrogen Supply Chain Between Portugal and Netherlands

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday July 20, 2022

A quartet of European firms is studying the possibility of setting up a green hydrogen supply chain between Portugal and the Netherlands.

Shell New Energies, Engie, Vopak and Anthony Veder have signed a deal to study the feasibility of taking green hydrogen produced in Portugal to end markets in the Netherlands, the Port of Rotterdam said in a statement on its website this week.

The hydrogen would be produced using renewable power at Sines, then liquefied and taken to Rotterdam for distribution and sale. The companies plan to make the first shipment by 2027.

"Key sector players in Heavy duty, Marine and Aviation support this development as it fits well with their intention to decarbonize operations," the port authority said in the statement.

"Building more certainty for customers of liquid hydrogen is needed.

"Policy instruments that cover cost increases for end-users can be an effective means to achieve this.

"Such instruments are vital to increase the scale and reduce the cost of liquid hydrogen production and have the power to drive the infrastructure development along the full supply chain."

Hydrogen could be used directly as bunker fuel, to power fuel cells for shipping or as a building block for zero-carbon fuels such as ammonia, methanol and synthetic LNG.