Bunker Procurement Software Trial Extended

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday April 4, 2019

The trial of digital bunker procurement platform, Bunkerplanner, has been extended, the participants have said.

The trial involves Danish tech company Bunkermetric and chemical tanker operator MOL Nordic Tankers.

Bunkerplanner's data-based approach allows a shipping company to optimise its bunker buying decisions.

Andreas Sund Poulsen, VP global operations at MOL Nordic Tankers, said that accessing data "reduces our overall fuel spend". The shipping company has extended the trial to include its whole fleet.

A web interface is being developed for the company which can be integrated into its other systems.

Bunkermetric co-founder Christian Plum said that the product increases operational visibility for ship owners and operators. Under the system, fuel savings of up to 4% are possible, he added.

Bunkermetric recently signed a marketing agreement with marine consultancy 20\20 Marine Energy.