ECSA Hails "Important Progress" on GHG Emissions at MEPC 71

Wednesday July 12, 2017

The European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA) today called the results of the International Maritime Organziation’s (IMO) 71st session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 71) "important progress" toward greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction for the shipping sector.

"We are confident that IMO will now be able to deliver an ambitious strategy at the next IMO working group meeting in October. There is certainly a strong will from the European shipowners to decarbonise the industry," said Patrick Verhoeven, ECSA’s Secretary General.

"We are prepared to play our part in limiting greenhouse gas emission and we were pleased to see there was a general willingness among governments to commit to developing a strategy as well."

As Ship & Bunker has reported, the meeting saw MEPC agree to develop a CO2 reduction strategy in line with the Paris COP21 Agreement on climate change, with an initial strategy for reductions of GHG emissions set to be further developed in the next MEPC meeting in 2017.