Victoria Steamship Company to Assist Development of Anemoi Rotor Sail

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday February 5, 2024

Victoria Steamship Company is set to assist in the development of a wind-assisted propulsion system from engineering firm Anemoi Marine Technologies.

The company will help to develop and test a 3.5*24.5 m rotor sail from Anemoi, it said in an emailed statement last week.

The project is being funded with a grant from the UK government's Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition.

Anemoi currently offers a larger rotor sail of 5 m in diameter, and this smaller model would be more suited to mid-side vessels.

"As Victoria Steamship's fleet includes numerous vessels in this category, the company will contribute technical know-how on bulk carrier operations, along with essential vessel data and feedback throughout," the company said in the statement.

"The approach will include evaluation of representative vessels, advice on conforming to vessel regulatory requirements, risk mitigation and confidence-building measures."

Wind-assisted propulsion systems are gaining in popularity in the shipping industry as a means of cutting bunker consumption and GHG emissions. The systems are likely to become more widespread once shipping companies start to take on much more expensive alternative bunker fuels, making energy-saving systems more profitable.