NORDEN to Offer Customers CO2 Neutral Bunkers in 2019

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday January 2, 2019

NORDEN says that it will begin to offer its customers the choice of burning CO2 neutral bunkers at some point in 2019.

The move follows a successful trial in November of what was billed as the world’s first zero emission, “drop-in” Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)-equivalent marine biofuel, a product produced by GoodFuels Marine.

"While we have only just concluded the test voyage, our early conversations with potential customers are so far very positive," Adam Nielsen, Head of Industrial Bulk, NORDEN, said in the firm's latest NORDEN News.

"If all goes according to plan, we will offer the first customer CO2 neutral transport in 2019 and scale up with larger volumes from 2020 when the new MARPOL regulations will be in force."

As for how the service will work, NORDEN says customers who use the service may not have the CO2 neutral bio fuel burned on their specific transport, but it guarantees and certifies that bio fuel covering the CO2 emissions will be used on NORDEN vessels.

NORDEN also clarifies that the service is “tank to wake” carbon neutral; that is, using bio fuel onboard the vessels releases no fossil CO2.

“If the upstream CO2 footprint is included - from collecting the waste and processing into fuel - the biofuel gives a 85-90% reduction compared to fossil fuels,” the firm explains.

"The latter is the so-called ‘well to wake’ CO2 footprint."