Genoil Claims Success With low Sulfur 380 Product

Wednesday November 14, 2018

Refined oil products' producer Genoil has completed a second run of low sulfur 380 cst fuel oil for a client in the UK.

The company said the results "were better than last time, with the Genoil hydroconversion technology producing commercial grade 0.34% from the marine fuel RMG-380".

The company continued: "The feedstock originally contained a sulfur level of 2.01% by weight and also had possessed a lot of cracked materials. The GHU had a perfect yield of 92% and the company will announce further details about this run in the near future."

It said that it was "arranging for further processing of additional crude oil and fuel oil for target projects currently being considered".

The company's first bash at the process using the same technology achieved a 0.39% sulfur content.