SGMF Publishes New Guides on Using Methanol & Ammonia as a Marine Fuel

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday March 8, 2024

Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) today announced it has published two new introductory guides on using methanol and ammonia as a marine fuel.

“As these fuels are not widely used yet, the aim of these new guidelines is to help the industry adopt the use of methanol and ammonia as a fuel in a safe and sustainable way,” SGMF said in a press release accompanying the new guides.

Methanol as a Marine Fuel – An Introduction aims to provide key information that will aid the emerging methanol-fuelled shipping industry in its development and adoption of this alternative marine fuel.

Ammonia as a Marine Fuel – An Introduction, now in its second revision, provides an overview of ammonia in the context of its potential use as a marine.

The Introductory Guides are available to download for members and non-members via the SGMF website here:

Perhaps known best for its founding work on using LNG as marine fuel, the organization said that to “support the industry in its efforts to reduce emissions, SGMF is shifting gears to focus on the use of methanol and ammonia, alongside other fuels.”