Wärtsilä Launches Smaller Scrubber Design

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday November 22, 2021

Engineering firm Wärtsilä has launched a new, smaller design of scrubber.

The firm's new IQ Series of exhaust gas treatment system takes up 25% less space, is 30% lighter and has 35% less volume than previous models, it said in an emailed statement on Monday.

The new design is particularly suitable for container ships seeking to maximise space available on board for cargo.

It will be possible to upgrade the scrubber to add NOx and particulate matter abatement systems, a depluming unit and a carbon capture and storage module that the company is currently working on.

"We have particularly designed IQ Series with our container segment customers in mind," Sigurd Jenssen, director of Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment, said in the statement.

"There is huge demand in the container market for exhaust gas cleaning solutions that enable compliance and have a minimal impact on the profitability of the vessel.

"That's why we have brought to market this new design that is lighter, smaller and less voluminous, enabling us to respond to what our customers are asking for, while also maintaining the same high-quality engineering and results they expect from Wärtsilä."