General Index to Partner With Signal Ocean on Freight Rate and CO2 Data

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Monday June 6, 2022

Price reporting agency General Index and maritime data firm Signal Ocean are set to work together on providing freight rate assessments and CO2 emissions information for the shipping industry.

The two companies aim to provide freight-rate benchmarks and a service providing detailed estimates of GHG emissions on a vessel-by-vessel basis, as well as a calculation of the financial cost of these emissions, they said in an emailed statement on Monday. The firms aim for Monday's announcement to be the first phase of 'a more ambitious plan of collaboration', according to the statement.

"Signal Ocean, like General Index, is a data-driven technology company that uses high-quality data and trusted modelling," Ioannis Martinos, CEO of Signal Group, said in the statement.

"We've combined this with decades of market knowledge and experience as a commercial vessel operator to create a unique set of data APIs that help solve a number of persistent problems in the analysis of shipping markets.

"Partnering with General Index will allow us to provide new tools to help market participants better understand their emissions performance and manage their financial exposure."