Bunker Prices, Environmental Regs to Drive Hull Cleaning Expansion

Monday March 18, 2019

Rising bunker prices and tighter environmental regulations are expected to drive interest in hull cleaning within the container ship sector.

And with the IMO2050 GHG target having now been set, reducing bunker consumption to lower industry CO2 emissions will also play a role, hull cleaning firm HullWiper says.

"What has been learned during the long implementation of the ballast water treatment directive is that biofouling on the hull and in the hard to reach niche areas such as the sea chests is where the biggest risk of invasive species come from," says HullWiper General Manager Laurance Langdon.

"Once an invasive species enters a new location, it can do billions of dollars-worth of damage to a country's waters and industry."

In addition to guarding against biofouling, clean hulls reduce resistance and improve fuel consumption.

Hullwiper points to a number fo major box lines that it clear has contracts with, including Maersk Line, CMA CGM and Hapag-Lloyd.

The firm says it expects to expand organically as environmental legislation becomes stricter, with two new locations - Port Louis in Mauritius, and the Panama Canal - already planned for this year.