Fine Art and Bunkering? Prepare to be Impressed With These Stunning Vessel Images

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday February 12, 2016

Fine art and the bunker industry rarely have much in common. But that close up, waterline perspective of vessels that suppliers experience on a regular basis (but likely give little artistic thought to) has been the catalyst for a series of impressive works of art, all thanks to the brilliant vision of U.S.-based photographer Dan Kaufman.

"The Rothko Series began almost by accident. I was shooting a panorama on the Savannah River when suddenly my field of view went black. I looked up instantly to see a 900-foot container ship just 30 feet away," says Kaufman.

"I started shooting instinctively ... almost 'without thinking.' Later as I reviewed my day's work I realized I was shooting 'Kaufman versions' of Rothko compositions: gut reactions to the color-blocking of the moment."

When Nils Haupt, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Hapag-Lloyd, became aware of Kaufman's work he saw the direct connection to the works of Mark Rothko.

Haupt then invited Kaufman to spend time onboard the Berlin Express, and capture her onboard beauty. The results, as you can get a taste of below, are impressive.

The full portfolio can be found on Kaufman's website here: