New BunkerMetric Service BargeTracker Now Tracks 95% of Bunker Barge Deliveries

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Wednesday February 16, 2022

Marine fuel analytics firm BunkerMetric has launched a global version of its BargeTracker software tracking as much as 95% of bunker barge deliveries worldwide.

The firm says its BargeTracker software applies machine learning techniques to AIS data and other information sources to give a full picture of barge movements and the implications for demand.

"BargeTracker allows its users unprecedented transparency of the global bunker market, from the very detailed questions as which was the last 10 vessels bunkering at Kingston and approximately how much did they receive, to the very aggregate as how Gibraltar total volume has developed compared to Malta for the last 12 months, and any questions in between," the company said in the statement.

BunkerMetric has been developing the BargeTracker product since the company's launch in 2017, but has been better known so far for its fuel procurement optimisation system BunkerPlanner.

The original version of BargeTracker covered only a small basket of ports.

"Now BunkerPlanner has lifted off commercially and at the same time we have strong interest in the BargeTracker from bunkering and shipping industry, so we can dedicate the needed resources to fully mature BargeTracker," Christian Plum, CEO of BunkerMetric, said in the statement.

"We will track +95 % of barge-vessel bunkerings live globally."