Nova Marine Carriers Takes on Offsetting for Carbon-Neutral Voyage

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Friday October 8, 2021

Dry bulk shipping company Nova Marine Carriers has used offsetting to carry out its first carbon-neutral voyage.

The firm offset the emissions from its general cargo ship the MV Sider Rodi travelling from Livorno to Porto Vesme last week with a purchase of carbon credits from a Madagascan solar farm project, it said in an emailed statement on Thursday.

Nova Marine has a fleet of 80 vessels that undertook more than 2,000 voyages last year.

"This is a first step for Nova Marine Carriers and a tangible way of reducing our environmental impact today," Vincenzo Romeo, CEO of Nova Marine Carriers, said in the statement.

"Shipping is still a carbon intensive activity, but nevertheless the most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods across Europe.

"We are committed to reducing our actual carbon emissions through investing in modern ships, continuous operational improvements and supporting research into the next generation of fuels.

"But we passionately believe that action to reduce global emissions needs to be taken today, so supporting an African solar farm plays a role in making a real-world difference right now."