Shipping Industry "Increasingly Convinced" Over Wind Power for Commercial Ship Propulsion

Monday September 7, 2015

The shipping industry is becoming "increasingly convinced" over the use of wind power as a renewable source of energy for commercial ship propulsion, The International Windship Association has said in an emailed statement, and notes that wind propulsion initiatives have been selected for nominations across three categories in this week's Ship Efficiency Awards.

In addition to IWSA becoming a finalist for "Initiative of the Year," association member Norsepower Oy are also finalists for the "Energy Efficiency" and "One to Watch" categories along with ship designer Deltamarin

"The shipping industry is increasingly convinced that wind power is a renewable energy source with a viable future within various sectors of the global shipping fleet," said IWSA.

"As we move in to a volatile future the sector has become accustomed to the idea that a heterogeneous fleet is going to require multiple technology solutions in order to create resilience and cost certainty."

Another strength of wind power is that is free, the association added, while also ensuring that companies will never have to keep up with new compliance measures. 

“Individuals representing competing businesses have been extraordinary in putting their own business challenges aside to work together for the good of the wider industry," said IWSA is a collaborative organisation and relies on the support of its members. IWSA Secretary Gavin Allwright.

The awards take place on September 9th, 2015.