Propeller Cone Fin Installations Save 3-5% in Fuel Consumption: Hydrex

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday November 24, 2022

The installation of propeller cone fins on ships can save their owners as much as 5% in fuel bills and emissions, according to engineering firm Hydrex.

The propeller caps save 3-5% in fuel consumption by reducing energy loss from the propeller, Hydrex said in an emailed note to clients on Wednesday.

The firm is able to install the systems underwater without the need for drydocking, meaning the cost of the equipment can be earned back in fuel savings within a few months, the company said.

"Hydrex can install propeller cone fins underwater on any size and make of propeller, on both new build or in-service vessels," the firm said in the statement.

"We carry out these operations following the specific procedures required by the involved OEM, adapted for an underwater installation."

Fuel-efficiency technologies like these are increasingly in vogue in the shipping industry as companies seek to reduce fuel consumption as a means of cutting GHG emissions ahead of upcoming regulations.

The rapid uptake of fuel-efficiency technologies is also contributing to a long-term downward pressure on conventional bunker fuel consumption.