ETI Seeking Partners to Develop Vessel Performance Tool

Wednesday November 30, 2016

The Energy Technologies Institute LLP (ETI) today announced that it has issued a call for expression of interest (EOI) in order to locate partners for the development of a tool that can provide shipping industry stakeholders accurate and transparent data on the performance of different types of vessels.

"One of the major challenges of reducing carbon emissions from the shipping industry is convincing vessel financiers to invest in technologies that will make existing and future vessels more fuel efficient," explained ETI, noting that, while a number of fuel efficient technologies already exist, they are not preferentially chosen in the current marketplace.

ETI says it intends for the tool to utilise a variety of data sources to develop the tool, with the EOI used to consult active and interested parties to finalise the project's exact scope and approach.

The project will work to establish best metrics and presentation, identify and assess third party data on fuel efficient vessel technologies, and develop a vessel model based on verified data.

"To change behaviour we need to be able to show the benefits and financial case of investing in new technology for specific vessels on individual routes," said David Butler, Project Manager at ETI.

"We are open to ideas on how organisations would tackle the issue but any proposals should cover vessel performance and technology modelling, developing a business model to allow commercialisation of the models and capabilities involved and gathering the requirements of stakeholders."

ETI says EOIs should be submitted before 14:00 GMT on February 17, 2017.

Earlier this year, among other projects, ETI issued a call for proposals to find partners for its new heavy duty vehicle (HDV) marine waste heat recovery project, which ETI expected to garner an estimated 8 percent bunker savings, as well as reductions in associated CO2 emissions.