LiqTech Receives New Order for Scrubber Waste Water Treatment System

Friday May 19, 2017

LiqTech International, Inc. (LiqTech) has announced that it has received a $399,000 order for its waste water treatment system for use with marine scrubbers.

"We are pleased to receive another order for our marine scrubber water treatment systems. We are equally pleased to note that the activity level from our customers within the marine scrubber industry continues to increase," said Sune Mathiesen, LiqTech's CEO.

"As earlier discussed we have invested significant resources in the development of a standardized system for this application. We are pleased that our investments are being rewarded and we believe that we will continue to see a positive development in the sales of these systems."

LiqTech notes that its products are based on silicon carbide membranes that enable new applications and improve existing technologies.