Big Data Fuel Monitoring Platform Launched by We4Sea

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 1, 2016

Netherlands-based We4Sea BV (We4Sea) today announced the launch of its Big Data Fuel Monitoring platform, intended to reduce bunker costs and reduce ship emissions.

"We want to make fuel efficiency easy. We do the math, ship owners get the fuel savings," said Dan Veen, CEO for We4Sea.

"After the launch, we aim for growth. With the recent IMO decisions on CO2 monitoring and lowering the sulfur cap in 2020, fuel monitoring will become a must."

We4Sea says the new platform, which uses big data analysis to calculate potential fuel savings, provides shipowners with detailed insights on all aspects of vessel operations impacting fuel efficiency to inform return on investment (ROI) decisions.

"During the last 6 months, we have built, tested and validated a platform that is capable to import ship's data, and combine it with data from different sources, such as satellite data, waves, ocean currents and wind," said Michiel Katgert, CTO for We4Sea.

"Secondly, for every ship monitored, we design an energy simulation model, able to calculate fuel consumption and emissions, based on its sailing profile and weather encountered."

As Ship & Bunker reported in July, We4Sea was working to achieve a 100 million tonne reduction in the shipping industry's annual CO2 emissions.

"Starting at less than 10 euro a day, we can monitor your ship on fuel-efficiency and emissions world-wide. It is our goal to reduce CO2 emissions with 1 million tonnes in 3 years," said Veen.