MOL Digitalises Bunker Quality Testing System

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday December 23, 2021

Japanese shipping company MOL has announced a new digital system for dealing with its bunker fuel and lubricant quality data.

The firm's in-house bunker and lubricant analysis laboratory will now use the firm's new Bunker Hub system to hold its data, MOL said in a statement on its website on Thursday.

The new system is cloud-based where previously it was run over email, allowing easier access of information online. The firm analyses about 7,000 samples per year from about 800 vessels controlled by MOL.

"The system encompasses all analysis results and allows MOL Group employees to check them online," MOL said in the statement.

"This helps them evaluate bunkering ports and its quality in terms of past bunker oil results.

"MOL expects this to help avoid the use of avoidance of inferior bunker oils.

"Analysis results and statistical data accumulated in the system, especially trends in bunker oil characteristics by area/fuel, is considered big data that will contribute to improve technology and safer operation among maritime clusters.

"In the future, MOL will, not only sell the system to other companies, but also share such data to contribute to the growth of maritime industries."