IBIA, BIMCO Publish New Manual on Bunkering Best Practice

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday October 25, 2022

Industry bodies IBIA and BIMCO have published a new manual setting out best practice on the bunkering process.

The Shipmaster's Bunkering Manual 2022 covers background information, checklists and key notes for shipowners on the entire bunkering process, BIMCO said in a note on its website this week.

The manual is split into the following four chapters:

  1. Background insight on fuel types and key regulation
  2. Origin and supply chain of marine bunkers
  3. Bunkering procedures
  4. Calculation of bunker quantity and after completion procedures

"The manual is a unique result of cooperation between IBIA and BIMCO to create insight and practical understanding of bunkering across the shipping sectors," BIMCO said on its site.

"Bunkering operations are routine and critical, high-risk operations which require accurate planning from both the owner and supplier to ensure a safe and successful operation."

For more information and to buy a copy of the manual, click here. IBIA and BIMCO members receive a 20% discount on the cost of the publication.