Technology Not the Barrier to Decarbonising the Shipping Industry: Norsepower

Wednesday April 4, 2018

As industry stakeholders continue to urge IMO to adopt ambitions decarbonise goals at next week's 72nd meeting of its Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC72), Finnish clean tech firm Norsepower Oy Ltd (Norsepower) says the challenge for the industry is not the technology but the will to implement it.

And Norsepower, who produces a Rotor Sail Solution for the maritime industry, says wind assist technology is ready to feature as part of that picture.

"When the issue of decarbonising shipping is raised at the IMO, it seems that all too often it is dismissed because the technology to reduce emissions is not ready," said Tuomas Riski, CEO of Norsepower.

"However, with the International Transport Forum at the OECD's report last week saying that almost complete decarbonisation is possible by 2035 with currently known technologies, Norsepower is proud to stand up and say that it is ready and willing to help the industry achieve ambitious targets."

Norsepower says its tech can deliver bunker and emissions savings in the region of 10-15% per ship, and can also sit alongside other energy reduction technologies.

"We hope that the IMO will recognise the potential savings offered by the clean technology community and set Paris Agreement-aligned GHG reduction targets at the upcoming MEPC 72 meeting," said Riski, adding that adoption of the EU-backed target of a 70- 100% reduction in total emissions by 2050 "is critical" if Shipping is to align with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.