GoodShipping Launches New Carbon Insetting Platform

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday April 16, 2024

FincoEnergies subsidiary GoodShipping has launched a new digital platform for maritime carbon insetting.

The Decarb Desk platform includes a digital book-and-claim framework for the company's customers to manage their carbon insetting activities, GoodShipping said in a statement on its website on Tuesday.

The firm had previously set up a customer portal last year, and the new system is an evolution of that service for customers seeking to manage their Scope 3 emissions.

"Cargo owners and freight forwarders want to be in control of their data and ensure that they have the right insights to improve their carbon insetting decision-making," Paul Bakker, digital development and innovation manager at FincoEnergies, said in the statement.

"We have often heard that customers are looking for a solution that would simplify the transaction, trading and retirement of inset reductions.

"We're proud that by using Decarb Desk, cargo owners and freight forwarders can gain a complete view of their Scope 3 decarbonisation efforts at a glance.

"This means that they are in control of their entire insetting journey, from the initial sustainable biofuel delivery statement to receiving their verified inset reduction certificates."