ExxonMobil IMO 2020 Talking Points 04: WinGD, Winterthur [VIDEO]

by ExxonMobil
Monday July 22, 2019

For the fourth episode of ExxonMobil's Talking Points video series we discuss the marine industry's readiness for IMO 2020 with WinGD over a game of shuffleboard at the engine designer's Diesel Technology Centre in Winterthur.

WinGD's CEO, Klaus Heim, and Vice President for R&D, Dominik Schneiter pit their skills at shuffleboard against ExxonMobil's Marine Fuels Venture Manager, Luca Volta, and Global Marine Equipment Builder Manager, Steve Walker. Discussions ranged from engine design and LNG growth to 2020 readiness and what happens beyond January 1st next year.