BW Group Invests in Biogas

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday October 8, 2020

European bio-technology company Ductor has completed a bond offered and cemented a 'strategic partnership' with Singapore's BW Group.

The funds are to get behind "200 new biogas and sustainable fertilizer projects in Europe and North America in the next three years", the company said in a statement.  BW Group has a particular interest in biofuels.

"BW Group has been focused on the energy transition for some time, with prior investments in bat-teries, renewables, water treatment, and other technologies to address global challenges. Ductor has a unique solution producing two valuable outputs from waste: biofuels and organic fertilizers," senior executive at BW Andreas Beroutsos said.

Beroutsos has also moved on to the Ductor board as part of the package. 

The shipping company's stake is reported to be EUR 20 million ($23.5m), according to marine news provider Tradewinds.