Alfa Laval Looks to Boost Scrubber Flexibility and Optimisation

Monday March 20, 2017

Alfa Laval today said that, through ongoing development, the company is working to boost the flexibility and optimisation of its PureSOx exhaust gas scrubber solution, providing users with more options to meet compliance needs.

Through its Test & Training Centre, Alfa Laval says its PureSOx platform is being adapted to suit a wide range of customer needs.

"Compliance is always in focus, but customers have a broad spectrum of other requirements," said Erik Haveman, Sales Director for Exhaust Gas Cleaning at Alfa Laval.

"Those can go well beyond open-loop, closed-loop and hybrid arrangements, or the choice between U- and I-designs. Today we can match a vessel's sailing profile by optimising PureSOx for different compliance needs, and we offer many options to suit a vessel's individual circumstances."

Earlier this month, Alfa Laval announced that completion of its expanded Test & Training Centre in Aalborg, extending the centre's testing space by five times its original size, and enabling an added focus on combustion technologies for gas and other fuel alternatives.

In July, Ship & Bunker reported that Alfa Laval had launched PureSOx Global, a new exhaust gas cleaning system designed specifically to meet the upcoming 0.50 percent global sulfur limit for bunkers.