July, 2019
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Russian Far East buyers showing preference for lighter DMB product over heavier, less expensive IMO2020 grade RMD-80 blend.
IMO2020: Buyers Overlooking VLSFO's Viscosity Advantage
Firm Q2 order intake falls significantly, but in line with expectation.
Alfa Laval Sees 5,000+ Vessels Getting Scrubber Retrofits
Adds fuel oil to its portfolio of traded products.
Derivatives Trader Eyes IMO2020 Opportunities
To add some transparency to the upcoming hike in fright costs.
IMO2020 BAF Checker Launched
Maritime industry has not adequately prepared for the new sulfur cap, says JTJP Managing Partner, K Murali Pany.
IMO2020: Owners Should Prepare for the Worst, Says Singapore Law Firm
New cap opens new opportunities for the supplier and trader.
Fujairah: Glander Gets Underway with IMO2020 Grade Bunker Deliveries
New credit features, proxy bidding, and split deliveries among the changes.
OceanConnect Marine Makes IMO2020 Upgrades to its Online Bunker Platform
As market changes ahead of IMO2020 start to show.
Singapore-Rotterdam Bunker Price Spread Widens to New High
Having spent the last month researching FONARs there are a few learnings to share, writes NSI's Michael Donaldson-Badger.
IMO2020: The Reality of Dealing with FONARs
Adds 23 more units to the orders for 80 already placed.
Scorpio Sticking with Pacific Green for Scrubbers