New Shore Power Online in San Diego

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday February 25, 2014

The Port of San Diego says its new $4.25 million shore power system for refrigerated cargo ships is now online.

"The Port is proud to be a leader in environmental issues and continues to be a great steward of San Diego Bay," said Bob Nelson, chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners.

"By offering shore power, we not only improve air quality for communities nearby, but we also reduce our impact on the planet."

The system promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2,000 metric tonnes (mt), or more than 50 percent, per year and cut nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by 95 percent, or 70 mt.

The installation at the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal will let ships, including vessels belonging to the terminal's main tenant, the Dole Fresh Fruit Company (Dole), plug in to electrical power from a local utility while at berth.

The project satisfies a requirement by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that California ports and terminals must offer cold-ironing to container, passenger, and refrigerated-cargo ships.

The port already offers shore power to cruise ships at two piers.

The project won approval from port officials last year, after Dole signed a new long-term lease and agreed to make improvements to its vessels to make them compatible with the cold ironing system.