Space-saving Onboard Carbon Capture Tech Mimics Natural Process

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday May 21, 2024

A start up tech firm led by an academic from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has come up with a method of onboard carbon capture for ships.

The start up, called Calcarea, has produced a method of carbon capture that minics a natural process.

Over time, carbon dioxide gas in the oceans reacts with limestone shells on the seafloor, a reaction transforms CO2 to produce calcium ion and bicarbonate.

Calcarea's technology aims to replicate this process and speed it up using the exhaust gas from ships that has high enough concentrations of CO2 to make the process work.

"Calcarea's technology should be able to scrub up to 75% of carbon dioxide from a given cargo ship's emissions," according to an article in Caltech magazine.

Listed among the system's advantages is that it uses less space than other carbon storing solutions.

Calcarea is working with the research arm of Lomar Shipping to further test the technology, according to the New Scientist.