US Writes to 30 Ship Managers Over 100 Suspected Sanctions-Dodging Vessels: Report

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Tuesday November 14, 2023

The US Treasury Department has reportedly written to 30 ship management companies over vessels it suspects of violating Western sanctions on Russia.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control wrote notices to the companies on Friday requesting information about 100 vessels under investigation, news agency Reuters reported on Monday, citing a source familiar with the documents.

The Treasury Department did not comment on the Reuters report.

If the notices resulted in further legal action, they could represent a significant ramping-up of enforcement efforts.

The G7 countries, the European Union and Australia imposed a price cap of $60/bl on Russian crude exports in December 2022, banning companies from providing services like insurance to tankers carrying Russian cargoes traded at higher price levels. A similar scheme was introduced for refined products exports in February.