California Politicians Seek to Impose Carbon Intensity Targets on US Shipping

by Ship & Bunker News Team
Thursday July 14, 2022

Two California politicians representing the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are seeking to impose carbon intensity targets on ships visiting the US.

Congressman Alan Lowenthal introduced legislation labelled the Clean Shipping Act on Tuesday, co-sponsored by Congresswoman Nanette Barragan, according to a statement on his website.

The bill would set carbon-intensity reduction targets of 20% from 2027, 45% from 2030, 80% from 2035 and 100% from 2040, from a 2024 baseline, for ships visiting the US. It would also require ships to run emission-free at berth or at anchor in US ports.

"We no longer have the luxury of waiting to act," Lowenthal said.

"We must face the fact that we are at a tipping point in the climate crisis; we must move beyond fossil fuels, and that includes air, land and sea transportation sources.

"No emissions sources can go overlooked.

"This legislation will set clear standards and drive the investment and innovation we need to transition to a zero-carbon future.

"It will clean up our ports once and for all, with a straightforward nationwide policy.

"This bill is the right policy for the future of our planet, for the health of our communities, and ultimately for the resiliency of goods movement."