Fuel Treatment Firm Aderco Launches Singapore Office

Tuesday March 21, 2017

Fuel treatment firm Aderco Ltd (Aderco) today announced that, in response to growing demand for fuel treatment solutions, it has opened an operational base in Singapore, Aderco Pte. Ltd. (Aderco Pte.), which is intended to serve as a "mission-critical hub" to boost company expansion in the region.

Philippe Lecloux, will head Aderco's new Singapore location.

"With Philippe Lecloux at the helm, we are hitting the ground running with top calibre management in place. Strengthening our presence in Singapore was a logical step for Aderco," said Olivier Baiwir, Aderco International CEO.

In his new role, Lecloux is said to be leading Aderco's growth strategy in the Asia, Pacific, and Oceania region.

"This is a vast and diverse market and establishing a physical presence at this key crossroads was imperative, both in terms of providing the support our customers have come to expect in a globalised market, and in terms of tailoring our solutions to the demand in this part of the world," said Lecloux.

"We are continuously improving our solutions to enable the maritime industry to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges."

The news comes just a month after Aderco announced that it had opened an operational base in the UK to serve marine markets in the UK, U.S., and Caribbean.